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Linda Andersson for ”Positive news” April 2017

In our series on people who have changed their lives, we start with an interview with the successful Maria Reimertz.

I met Maria, who radiates energy and well-beeing, on the terrace at her hotel on Kauai. The weather is glorious, and a warm breeze gives a pleasant coolness where we sit in the shade of the palm trees planted in huge pots that decorate the place. In the distance you hear the sound of ocean waves against the rocks. The place is really beautiful.

Maria has made ​​major changes in her life in recent years.

L: Three years ago, did you think then that you would be here on Kauai for the third time now?

M: Yes absolutely and that´s why it happend.

L: You’ve already told me that you had a lot of trouble with your health. This despite the fact that you have a lot of training in the health field and has worked in that field for a long time. Is there anything else you want to tell about it?

M: As a therapist with knowledge about nutrition, herbs, quantum medicin etc. I thought that I was doing everything I possible could to improve my health, and I almost did.

L: You have also told me that you earlier in your life was limited by your finances to do what you wanted in life.

M: Yes that is absolutely true.

L: Obviously, there is much that has changed to the better in your life over the past two and a half years. What did you do and when did the change come?

M: I started to train my brain and took control over my thoughts and therby I found my power. I learned to control my life. When things started to happend everything went on very fast. My income increased exponentially in late 2014 and has continued that way. Even my health improved dramatically during that time. The fatigue I had lived with for a long time were replaced with energy and well being. I actually still feel more energized with each day that passes.

L: Sounds fantastic! How does your life look today?

M: I feel great! My health is on the top and my finances improves all the time. I can do what ever I want to do, travel anywhere I want together with my family. My husband and I have been able to renovate our house and get it just the way we want, without considering costs.
I am working in a network marketing company that gives people the opertunity to save money and receive shares in young promissing companies. It is a marvelous concept with fantastic opportunitys for people to get great return on their savings and making money on building networks. It´s a Swedish company operating in over 70 countries now.

L: How many people do you have in your network?

M: I have a little over 1 200 people in my network. I love this work!

L: I know that you are still interested in health and environment and that you are dedicated in that area too.

M: Yes, I believe that everyone has for example right to eat non-toxic and natural food and to decide how they want to treat their body if they become ill. Another thing I do is I am developing my work on health and environment in order to operate on a global scale together with other people. I also support some development projects in poor areas that I feel strongly about.

L: How come you did not make this change of your life before?

M: Well, I had some of the tools, but I didn’t have them all gathered, and it´s hard to do the work alone without professionals helping you through the hard times. I needed the knowledge and the support from the MKMMA team to make it. They are all fantastic and I´m so greatful that I got the chanse to participate in the cource.

L: I know the MKMMA course is one of the reasons you are here in Kauai right now.

M: I´m here with my family for the third time now. Mark and Davene Januszewski are organizing a big live event here in Kauai every year, and
I´ve been here with my family two times before, for holiday and to participate in the event. The first time I took part in it, my oldest son came with me to the event. Last year my other son shared the event with me and this year both my daughter and my husband will take part in the event. I also have a lot of people from my network here and it is lovely. It is so wonderful to be here together with all those people!



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  1. I love your story and can’t wait to meet you every year in Kauai!


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