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Week 10 – I will win!

I can hardly believe that we already are in week 10 of the MKMMA course. Those ten weeks, almost all of my focus has been on implementing all the exercises and tasks included in the course. Almost everything else has got to second place. Even my business, but I think it is time to start setting goals about that now. I have been a little afraid to put up weekly goals about my business because I do not want to fail.

Tomorrow I am going to participate in a mastermind with three other MKMMA members. Two of them are in Canada one in Macedonia and me in Sweden. Time difference makes it a little awkward to find convenient times, but I’m really looking forward to our first meeting via Google Hangouts tomorrow. I will discuss goals with my business and hope to get the support of the mastermind group to achieve my goals. Really exciting to get to know the other members and hear about their lives and their experiences of MKMMA.

I decided to do my best to do everything necessary to bring about a change in myself. I can imagine that things happen with me, but I feel impatient and wish I had seen a major change. While I write this, I realize that the critical voice comes from my old blueprint that wants to tell me that I’m not going to change anything. But that is so wrong! I read Og Mandino and I know my old blueprint will have to give way to a new one.

So long as there is breath in me, that long will I persist. For now I know one of the gratest principles of success; if I persist long enough I will win. I will persist. I will win.”

Love and light to all of you.



Week 9 – and still …..

The mental diet goes on. I still haven´t managed one whole day without falling into some kind of negative feelings and thoughts a couple of times. I never stay in the negative mood for long, but still it has been for more than seven seconds a few times every day. I have observed that I sometimes kind of automatically have negative opinions about other peoples behavior, for example in traffic, when I´m driving. Sometimes those negative opinions are not attached with any feelings, which means that my subconscious is not affected and that is good, but it is still so meaningless to have those opinions. I will try to stop with that kind of thoughts! I have also felt sorry for myself a couple of times this week because of headaches and some other physical issues.

“Affirm the good and the bad will vanish”. – Frederick Elias Andrews

We have got a lot of tools to prevent negativity to take hold in our minds. For me it really helps listen to the recordings of my DMP and my movie trailer. I have even made one “Love recording” with Beatles All We Need Is Love and me reading some Og Mandino and different affirmations about love. I have also found that affirm “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” make a shift in my mood to the better almost immediately.

You are all whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

Love and light to all of you!


Week 8 – still on diet

I´m still on the “mental diet”. Have not yet made one whole day without falling, but I have become more and more awere of the negative thougths when they occur in the brain. When my husband has told me about persons and situations at his work that he´s upset about I have stayed out of the negativity and I have just told him to not put any energy on that. I´m feeling rather pleased with myself.

A directive for this week is to not watch TV at all. I usually watch TV very little, so it´s not a problem for me to stay from it. This evening I have however been to the movies. It´s not very often I go to the movies but it is my daughters 15 birthday today and she have been waiting for the latest Hunger Games for months. Her greatest wish was that we would go to the movie the whole family on her birthday and we had promised her to do, and offcourse we did. I like the Hunger Games but it is not a very positive story, so I hope my brain has not absorbed to much negativity tonight.

I like Emmet Fox and The Seven Day Mental Diet a lot and I must quote him again:
“If I change my mind my conditions must change too – my body must change, my daily work or other activities must change, my home must change, the colour tone of my whole life must change – for wether I can be habitually happy and cheerful, or low-spirited and fearful, depends entirely on the quality on the mental food upon which I diet myself.”

I firmly believe in these words, and I am determined to succeed with the seven day mental diet.

Love and light to all of you.


Week 7 – Mental diet

This week’s assignment is “mental diet”, which means not have any negative thoughts at all during seven days. This is so that negativity will not affect your subconscious and so that it becomes a habit to always think positive. Well, I thought this mental diet would be rather easy to stay on because I see myself as a mostly positive person, but I have gained new insights about myself. Even if I still think that I am a predominantly positive individual, I have become more conscious about a few situations where it´s difficult for me to let go of the negativity.

It can be very challenging with an extremely provocative teenager, especially if you are sitting together in a car and can´t get out of the way. There are also other people who may be trying for patience when they call and kick out a lot of negativity and think they have the best solutions for everything. Regardless of this, we have all the responsibility for how we react to what happens around us.

Like Emmet Fox writes:
“And finally, I remeberthat nothing said or done by anyone else can possibly throw me off the diet. Only my own reaction to the other person´s conduct can do that.”

I just have to start over with this mental diet until I succeed, and I will succeed.

Every week when I have written the blog post I feel that I have made things more clear to myself. That is awesome!

I wish all MKMMA friends and everybody else a joyful weekend.


Week 6 – in time

I always have the feeling that I’m behind, I have not had time to finish everything that should have been completed. Like the movie poster. For me it takes hours to do things like that, because I need to sit down in quiet and think about it and find the right feeling, and then the right pictures and so on. It´s the same thing with the shapes that should have been up on the walls in the house by now. Realize that I need to clarify for myself what form that will be associated with each target and it automatically implies that I need to redo my SMART goal card and also write a new DMP and adjust the symbols there.

I do all the exercises every day and I notice that something is happening with me. I really want to do this course to 100%. It´s just that feeling that I´m behand that makes me frustrated and sometimes even angry with myself.  While I write this I become aware that this is exactly how I experience it every time I feel pressure or stress. Hmmm …… To be forced to write is actually good for me. Maybe I am a little too concerned to get everything perfect directly? Even writing a blog post takes a lot of time for me.

Og Mandino is now guiding us to open our hearts. “I will greet this day with love in my heart”. I can actually feel how my heart grows and the energy in my heart area is activated when I in silence say “I love you”, to other people. Wonderful feeling!

Love to all of you!


Week 5 – Opinions

My brain has absorbed a message! I have noted a change and it feels really cool. The message is “do it now” and the change I’ve noticed is that I have repeatedly done things directly, when I have come to think about that they need to be done. Earlier I have been procrastinating a lot. Feels great!

About opinions – I am not the kind of person who gives my opinion on everything all the time, but when I’ve put my attention on what I have said, I’ve discovered that some opinions nevertheless come across my lips. Some of the opinions have been in a rather angry mood to my careless teenagers who have not picked away things after themselves and some have been said in the car about other drivers. I think that it’s usually when I get angry for something that I evict me an opinion.

When I’ve been thinking more on this with opinions and what I’m saying, so it struck me how much I have said and still say about myself, every day. Things like “I am always so tired”, “I have head ache”, “I don´t have time for everything I want”, I did not succeed with that” …. bla bla bla! What are all these opinions and judgements on myself doing to me? Obviously it permeates the whole of me!

I love point number seven in part five of The Master Key.

“The idea seems plausible, the conscious received it, passed it on to the subconscious, where it was taken up by the Sympathetic System and passed on to be built into our physical body. “The word has become flesh.”

Wish that I could get help to watch my tongue. I meen like a needle stick or something like that, but I guess I will be more and more aware of what I´m saying by just training.

Happy Halloween everybody!


Week 4 – fear and confidence

“I can be what I will to be”. That feels awesome to say and I am filled with a sense of confidence and trust in my ability to create my future, when I pronounce those words.

In recent days, I have more and more frequently had a different feeling from time to time, namely feer. The feeling is familiar. This is not the first time I am trying to make changes in my life by doing different kinds of exercises, reading books, doing affirmations ….. I have even gone through The Master Key before. Every time I  have started, I have thought I’ll manage to achieve my goals. The feeling of self-confidence has been strong and I’ve really gone in to succeed. But after some time, so have fears come creeping and sat like a lump in the stomach. The words of the affirmations, and the lyrics has felt empty and meaningless and the failure has been a fact. I have tried to figure out what´s wrong with me who couldn´t make it, but previously, I could not put my finger on it.

It is different this time. I begin to imagine what was lacking before. I think that this week some how is a very critical time for me and that´s why I feel the feers come creeping again. It is a pattern I repeat, my old stinking blueprint. Now is the time to get rid of that thing!

When I started to write this text I didn´t know what to write about, and I really did not think that I had the time to sit down and do it today. I am greatful that I didn´t have any choise. I had to force myself to do it and that was good for me.

I need to have a claim on me to implement certain things and I’m so grateful that it is a part of MKMMA. I am also very greatful to my guid Luc, giving me valuable feedback and for all other members and staff answering questions and masterminding.

“I can be what I will to be”.

Love to all of you!