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Week 14 – a little self-pity


I feel so confused and frustrated and I feel like I want to throw things in the wall and scream at the same time. Most parts of the work in MKMMA flows on without any problems, but I don´t have enough time for everything I have to do. I don´t have time and energy to do any work at all except the MKMMA work. I need to build network and earn money but I don´t even have time to learn the skills to be good at that. I know it sounds childish and silly but that´s just how I feel right now. I guess I am childish.

I am aware that we can not manage time, we can just manage ourselves. Why is that so hard for me to do? I feel like someone is stealing time from me every day. My time just disappear! This blog post tends to become a self-pity-party, but I somehow needed to put my frustration into words. I hope all readers have patience with it.

While all of these feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy has come over me the last few days, so I feel sometimes a tremendous strength and conviction that I will achieve my goals. When I read Haanel and during the sit so I usually have a fantastic sense of being invincible. I do the work and I notice changes in me, but I want to do more to influence the external result as well. I feel impatient and the fear of not succeeding comes over me. I really need to set my Plan Of Action in action to get some results when it comes to economy. I know what I have to do, but somehow my hours are not enough and that is why I get so frustrated.

Of course, I understand that I have to change myself to have enough time for everything, but here I have one of my greatest difficulties to overcome. I would appreciate advice if anyone has ideas  However I will succeed!

Love to all of you! Don´t forget that you are nature´s greatest miracles.


Author: mariamasterkey

I am 52 years old, live in the countryside in southern Sweden, along with my husband, a son 18 and a daughter of 15 years. I also have a son of 24 who have left home.

14 thoughts on “Week 14 – a little self-pity

  1. Wow …You do just amazing. I’m glad and happy reading your posting. Based on my experience we are heading in to the right direction. The first is the pain, then the healing process and after is relax. Write me an email and I will be happy to contact with you and share some experience and get your. You just writing my story. Once is harder is better. That the sign it work for you.
    Thank you for sharing, Marian

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  2. WOW good for you for laying it on the line…I am lucky as our businesses allows me the time n freedom to dedicate myself to doing the MKMMA course some days it takes me longer to do everything I need to do, the hours race by and other days I’ve writen my blog and read other blogs commented and re tweeted all b4 it seems I’ve blinked an eye…everyday is different..I have found that making the exercises part of my day is while I’m driving im affirming, hanging the washing out I’m doing my shapes my PPN’s n POA…remember breathe n let go it will become you & you will flow 🌺

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  3. Just want to share that you are not alone – your old blueprint is putting up one big fight – good for you for continuing to push through. Have you broken your plan of action for your business into small steps? Do you have one step that you can do daily? I found that I had to scale mine back because my starting plan was over-whelming.

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  4. Maria,

    Like anything in life that is worth having it will require some work. I applaud your honesty and believe me you are not alone when it comes to struggling with the work. Here is one thing I know for sure, you will get there. In addition to Persistence, I think we all can benefit from learning to be Patient with ourselves, after all you are developing skills that will change your life. Peace, Mac

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  5. Maria, your honesty with yourself honors you and serves you well, and it is the proof that your higher self is watching over you! Here is a link to a recent video that contains a few practical hints that could help you getting more things done every day : Let me know in a few days or weeks if it helped 🙂 By the way, you are doing great!

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  6. Maria, thank you for your honesty! We are all feeling this at different times. You are not alone. The Holidays brought the same frustration to me. I recorded my BLB, Press Release, the Law of Giving, the Scroll, etc. While I was trying to accomplish of things, I turned on the tape recorder and completed my exercises. Hope this will help you!

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