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Week 16 – Varying emotions

Uncertainty ….. what can I accomplish? Fear ….. what if I don´t succeed? Gratitude ….. all lovely, kind persons. Sadness ….. I am not able to.  Happiness ….. I have the power!

My feelings have fluctuated constantly the last few days. Noticing myself drifting a bit, forgetting things, not doing things on time.

Need to schedule everything, to be more organized!

Two weeks ago we started “Franklin Makeover” where we are supposed to focus on one virtue each week during thirteen weeks. As my number one I chose “Well-Organized” because that is something I need to develop. It was not easy to discover well-organized things or persons for me. Well, my husband is a very organized person and of course I thought of him and things he does, but except of that I did not see much that was well-organized. It must be because I’m so unaware of that virtue. I need to go on searching for Well-Organized things.

Last week we were all supposed to focus on kindness and write in the alliances area about at least two actions of kindness that we had experienced every day. It was a powerful exercise of the law of growth, i.e. what you focus on grows. Seeing more and more kindness and thinking of doing kind things have made me feel like a kinder person.

I´m so thankful for “The Master Key”. It gives me so much strength and understanding to read it. Then I feel the confidence in the process and my ability to achieve my goals. In the exercise, the sit, I feel that the power is there, that I am in contact. Makes me happy! Maybe I should sit longer or two times a day? If I could use the law of growth to get more of that powerful feeling I often have during the sits, that would be awesome. I think I´ll try that.

Be kind to each other!


Week 15 – Persistence

I have loved to read Haanel this week. My feelings during the sits are happiness and power. I really am experiencing that I am in touch with a power and that fills me with such happiness and love.

Over ten years ago I read The Master Key and faithfully made all those exercises, but I didn´t put very much energy in understanding what I read. I thought it was good, but my goal was to learn a method that would help me to change external cicumstances in my life. I did never deeply understood then, that it was all about major inner change. How different it is this time!

Ofcourse, I am not exactly the same as I was over ten years ago, but the main cause that my experience is totally different this time is all the combinations and the guidance in the MKMMA course. As a participator you have to develop new good habits and persistence, and that requires a lot of work, but it is so much worth it.

What is percistens anyway? It’s definitely something everybody can develop to become successfull in their lives. How will it be done the? Percistens is obtained by developing some good habits and those are:

  1. Definite major purpose, which means to know what you want to achieve in life.
  2. Positive mental attitude. You can´t think negative thoughts about others nor your self. Love yourself and others!
  3. Written plan of action, i.e. how do you plan to reach your goal.
  4. Mastermind, which means two or more people in harmony masterminding about your challenges and support you reaching your goals.

Try to follow these four habits and amazing things will start happen. Don´t forget to feel love in your heart!

Love to all of you!


Week 14 – a little self-pity

I feel so confused and frustrated and I feel like I want to throw things in the wall and scream at the same time. Most parts of the work in MKMMA flows on without any problems, but I don´t have enough time for everything I have to do. I don´t have time and energy to do any work at all except the MKMMA work. I need to build network and earn money but I don´t even have time to learn the skills to be good at that. I know it sounds childish and silly but that´s just how I feel right now. I guess I am childish.

I am aware that we can not manage time, we can just manage ourselves. Why is that so hard for me to do? I feel like someone is stealing time from me every day. My time just disappear! This blog post tends to become a self-pity-party, but I somehow needed to put my frustration into words. I hope all readers have patience with it.

While all of these feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy has come over me the last few days, so I feel sometimes a tremendous strength and conviction that I will achieve my goals. When I read Haanel and during the sit so I usually have a fantastic sense of being invincible. I do the work and I notice changes in me, but I want to do more to influence the external result as well. I feel impatient and the fear of not succeeding comes over me. I really need to set my Plan Of Action in action to get some results when it comes to economy. I know what I have to do, but somehow my hours are not enough and that is why I get so frustrated.

Of course, I understand that I have to change myself to have enough time for everything, but here I have one of my greatest difficulties to overcome. I would appreciate advice if anyone has ideas  However I will succeed!

Love to all of you! Don´t forget that you are nature´s greatest miracles.