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Week 13 – Holiday interference


Help, I have nowhere to go! Our home is constantly full of people. During Christmas was here sixteen relatives in the house. Our teenagers are off from school and here is always someone at home with friends. My 18 year old son has had eight friends here for two days and they have been occupying the part of the house where I usually have my sit, with their computers and themselves. I’ve had to sneak around and find new places in the house to do my exercises. Some I have done in the car some days, but we have got really cold winter here now so you can not sit in the car without the engine running.

Despite these circumstances, I have only missed one sit and one or two readings the last week and I feel rather pleased with that. Holidays can be really challenging. I have quite a strong need to spend some time with myself every day and it has not been easy now. At the same time, it is very fun to have my parents and siblings and their families come to visit. It is also wonderful my son has so many fine friends who want to be here in our home. And I appreciate that my 15 year old daughter wants to spend time with me.

However, this week has been challenging when it comes to keep up the good MKMMA work. Although I have done my exercises so is there a difference between making them for them to be made or make them with empathy and reflection. I look forward to peace and quiet time with myself.

I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and I wish all of you a Happy New Year!


Author: mariamasterkey

I am 52 years old, live in the countryside in southern Sweden, along with my husband, a son 18 and a daughter of 15 years. I also have a son of 24 who have left home.

4 thoughts on “Week 13 – Holiday interference

  1. Looking for the quite time with yourself is a great thing! Doing well over the hoidays that great!

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  2. You’ve tried and you’ve done well! Its ok.. go with it and find the time when you can! Letting it stress you will bring more stress to you! NOOOOOO! just do what you can do and the rest will clear for you a path to get it done when its time. Relax my dear friend and enjoy the love that surrounds you! Your fantastic!


  3. Great job at being flexible and finding new spots to do your exercises. May you find the quiet you are looking for.

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