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Week 7 – Mental diet


This week’s assignment is “mental diet”, which means not have any negative thoughts at all during seven days. This is so that negativity will not affect your subconscious and so that it becomes a habit to always think positive. Well, I thought this mental diet would be rather easy to stay on because I see myself as a mostly positive person, but I have gained new insights about myself. Even if I still think that I am a predominantly positive individual, I have become more conscious about a few situations where it´s difficult for me to let go of the negativity.

It can be very challenging with an extremely provocative teenager, especially if you are sitting together in a car and can´t get out of the way. There are also other people who may be trying for patience when they call and kick out a lot of negativity and think they have the best solutions for everything. Regardless of this, we have all the responsibility for how we react to what happens around us.

Like Emmet Fox writes:
“And finally, I remeberthat nothing said or done by anyone else can possibly throw me off the diet. Only my own reaction to the other person´s conduct can do that.”

I just have to start over with this mental diet until I succeed, and I will succeed.

Every week when I have written the blog post I feel that I have made things more clear to myself. That is awesome!

I wish all MKMMA friends and everybody else a joyful weekend.


Author: mariamasterkey

I am 52 years old, live in the countryside in southern Sweden, along with my husband, a son 18 and a daughter of 15 years. I also have a son of 24 who have left home.

9 thoughts on “Week 7 – Mental diet

  1. Ah, Maria how true about dealing with a teenager, I live with my grandson that is 14 years old, and do you know that he knows everything better than anyone? I don’t know how am I going to accomplished this mental diet and having no opinions with him around, he is very sweet but very opinionated.

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  2. I like your quote of Emmet Fow, thanks for this Maria, and yes we are responsible of our own actions and reactions, and it is not just because we know it that we can always stay positive about what happens around you. Congratulations for your faith in the success of your mental diet.

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  3. You are perfectly right about difficulty of keeping the mental diet. Especially when other people contribute to it by there doing or not doing, by there actions toughs and thinking. As much as dealing with myself is not easy that dealing with everybody and myself is difficult But doing is better than not doing. I am with you …keep going.

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  4. Trust the process. We are in control

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  5. Yes I agree with you this has revealed a lot about us all!!! #startover


  6. Well said Maria! I’m right there with you. Never have I thought of myself as being negative until I began focusing on the mental diet. Just like you have done. “Gulp” We focus together!

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  7. Maria and Marcia – I’m seriously, “psychically” locking arms with you both right now! I, too, have always believed I was an eternally positive person. However, my reaction to something my husband said yesterday gave me a fantastic opportunity to notice my old blueprint in action…..another restart…. and a lot of insight. The Emmet Fox quote is perfect. Thank you for your post, Maria!

    So excited for you and your daughter that you are on this journey.


  8. Hey! I believe we have a team here! GO team!


  9. It seems to get easier as we go along. Keep up the good work. It is a great Journey.


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