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Week 5 – Opinions


My brain has absorbed a message! I have noted a change and it feels really cool. The message is “do it now” and the change I’ve noticed is that I have repeatedly done things directly, when I have come to think about that they need to be done. Earlier I have been procrastinating a lot. Feels great!

About opinions – I am not the kind of person who gives my opinion on everything all the time, but when I’ve put my attention on what I have said, I’ve discovered that some opinions nevertheless come across my lips. Some of the opinions have been in a rather angry mood to my careless teenagers who have not picked away things after themselves and some have been said in the car about other drivers. I think that it’s usually when I get angry for something that I evict me an opinion.

When I’ve been thinking more on this with opinions and what I’m saying, so it struck me how much I have said and still say about myself, every day. Things like “I am always so tired”, “I have head ache”, “I don´t have time for everything I want”, I did not succeed with that” …. bla bla bla! What are all these opinions and judgements on myself doing to me? Obviously it permeates the whole of me!

I love point number seven in part five of The Master Key.

“The idea seems plausible, the conscious received it, passed it on to the subconscious, where it was taken up by the Sympathetic System and passed on to be built into our physical body. “The word has become flesh.”

Wish that I could get help to watch my tongue. I meen like a needle stick or something like that, but I guess I will be more and more aware of what I´m saying by just training.

Happy Halloween everybody!


Author: mariamasterkey

I am 52 years old, live in the countryside in southern Sweden, along with my husband, a son 18 and a daughter of 15 years. I also have a son of 24 who have left home.

3 thoughts on “Week 5 – Opinions

  1. You have another deminsion in your life to practice the lessons for the week–being a parent. We are empty nesters now and I hadn’t thought about the daily contact with the kids. Your kids will learn from you as you give them your newly found wisdom!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I never thought I was very opinionated, but doing this exercise I realized I am very opinionated especially to myself – it opened my eyes

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  3. Thanks Maria for sharing our challenge.

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