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Week 1 – Starting new habits


The first challenge is to remember to do all the things that are included in the new habits. I have felt a bit confused about everything this week. Have I understood everything correctly? Have I forgot anything? …. and yes I did forget a couple of things that I should have done, but I guess I will improve myself and all the reading will become a habit.

Another challenge is to read everything in English because it is not my first language. Although I find it easy to understand most of what I read, so it takes longer for me to read an English text than a text in Swedish. I wonder if my brain will absorb the messages as well if they are given in English as in Swedish. I think I will read my DMP in both languages.

It took me some days to get my DMP ready and posted. Earlier this week I had a messy text where some parts were in English and some in Swedish, but now it’s finished and I have a copy in English that I’ve sent and a handwritten copy in Swedish. I will hand write a DMP in English too.

I have read Hanel before. Somewhere I have The Master Key in Swedish. Wish I knew where ….. I bought the electronic book many years ago and did the exercises. This week Hanels exercise have been the easiest part for me. Just sitting still and let the thoughts fly – I am really good at that!


Author: mariamasterkey

I am 52 years old, live in the countryside in southern Sweden, along with my husband, a son 18 and a daughter of 15 years. I also have a son of 24 who have left home.

11 thoughts on “Week 1 – Starting new habits

  1. Hi Maria, So there is a Swedish version of the Master Key? I thought my English was good but I have difficulties reading it. Where can I find it?


    • I can not find the website anymore. It is probably abandoned. Sadly I cannot find my print either, otherwise I would have been able to copy it to you. I guess we just have to struggle on with the English version.


  2. Hi Maria! I know how you feel. Just think of it this way, not only will you change your subby… but you will learn english a lot better! Great pos!


  3. Your written English is excellent! I tried the Master Key program with one other person, and I think doing it with a group of 500 is much more powerful and fun!


  4. It must be quite a challenge reading in a language not native to you.. but applause that you are in this class and with all the support you have here, I know without a doubt you could do this!


  5. My English is quite good, but being able to read it in my own language is very helpful for me. Next to Mark’s audio’s, I’ve made a Dutch audio as well, for the MKS and for Scroll 1….I listen to it a lot.
    I will keep my eyes open for a Swedish version for you!


  6. Hej Maria. Skiver på svenska. Undrar om du kan berätta för mig. Fattar inte men vill så gärna klara av den här kursen. Vet inte ens vad de är jag ska läsa upp högt tre gånger om dagen.
    Och sen förtstår jag inte allt som står i the master key.
    Och de där korten med promise man ska skriva.
    På nåt sätt verkar detta lite för flummigt för mig. Samtidigt har jag fått reda på att kursen ska hjälpa mig att tänka positiv. Jag har nämligen ALS och behöver hjälp med att tänka positivt så att min kropp kan börja självläka. Men jag blir bara stressad när jag inte begriper.
    Hoppas du kan förklara. Om du ser min mailadress som jag anger får gärna maila mig.


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