Personal development


Week 5 – Opinions

My brain has absorbed a message! I have noted a change and it feels really cool. The message is “do it now” and the change I’ve noticed is that I have repeatedly done things directly, when I have come to think about that they need to be done. Earlier I have been procrastinating a lot. Feels great!

About opinions – I am not the kind of person who gives my opinion on everything all the time, but when I’ve put my attention on what I have said, I’ve discovered that some opinions nevertheless come across my lips. Some of the opinions have been in a rather angry mood to my careless teenagers who have not picked away things after themselves and some have been said in the car about other drivers. I think that it’s usually when I get angry for something that I evict me an opinion.

When I’ve been thinking more on this with opinions and what I’m saying, so it struck me how much I have said and still say about myself, every day. Things like “I am always so tired”, “I have head ache”, “I don´t have time for everything I want”, I did not succeed with that” …. bla bla bla! What are all these opinions and judgements on myself doing to me? Obviously it permeates the whole of me!

I love point number seven in part five of The Master Key.

“The idea seems plausible, the conscious received it, passed it on to the subconscious, where it was taken up by the Sympathetic System and passed on to be built into our physical body. “The word has become flesh.”

Wish that I could get help to watch my tongue. I meen like a needle stick or something like that, but I guess I will be more and more aware of what I´m saying by just training.

Happy Halloween everybody!



Week 4 – fear and confidence

“I can be what I will to be”. That feels awesome to say and I am filled with a sense of confidence and trust in my ability to create my future, when I pronounce those words.

In recent days, I have more and more frequently had a different feeling from time to time, namely feer. The feeling is familiar. This is not the first time I am trying to make changes in my life by doing different kinds of exercises, reading books, doing affirmations ….. I have even gone through The Master Key before. Every time I  have started, I have thought I’ll manage to achieve my goals. The feeling of self-confidence has been strong and I’ve really gone in to succeed. But after some time, so have fears come creeping and sat like a lump in the stomach. The words of the affirmations, and the lyrics has felt empty and meaningless and the failure has been a fact. I have tried to figure out what´s wrong with me who couldn´t make it, but previously, I could not put my finger on it.

It is different this time. I begin to imagine what was lacking before. I think that this week some how is a very critical time for me and that´s why I feel the feers come creeping again. It is a pattern I repeat, my old stinking blueprint. Now is the time to get rid of that thing!

When I started to write this text I didn´t know what to write about, and I really did not think that I had the time to sit down and do it today. I am greatful that I didn´t have any choise. I had to force myself to do it and that was good for me.

I need to have a claim on me to implement certain things and I’m so grateful that it is a part of MKMMA. I am also very greatful to my guid Luc, giving me valuable feedback and for all other members and staff answering questions and masterminding.

“I can be what I will to be”.

Love to all of you!


Week 3 – Changes inside

Now we already are in the middle of week 3. Everything is not that overwhelming as it was when we started, but I still have the feeling now and then, that I may have forgot something of all the things that are supposed to be part of my new habits. Sometimes it feels like the time runs away and in the weekends when everybody is at home, I find it difficult to remember to put the exercices in the first room. The feeling that I cannot get alone and do what I have to do is frustrating and can sometimes make me really angry. It is not because the family prevents me, but more that I have not found the routines to implement my new habits. The old bluerprint is fighting for its survival, I gues.

In my DMP I have ”Every week I schedule my time”, but to be honest that is still a lie. I really have to be better on that, and I will, because I always keep my promises.

A cople of nights ago I had a cool dream, that was unlike any dream I had before. I went in a car fast on a narrow road that went higher and higher. I was a passenger, so I had no control over the speed. On the way there appeared large castle-like buildings that we went straight through. Higher and higher and through new large castles. Alongside the road there was nothing – it was just empty space. The feeling was breathtaking. I think this dream is to say something about the change that has begun in me. It gives me a great feeling that makes me happy.


Week 2 – Schedule time

This week has been a challenge for me, mostly because I am not a particularly organized person. Honestly, I really sucks at everything that has to do with planning. I have always valued freedom highly, and avoided having set times when it has been possible. Suddenly I realize that this habit puts a spoke in the wheel for me and perhaps is one of my biggest enemies.

I have done so much to develop myself in the last 25 years, but I still haven’t reached my goals. Of course, I have developed and come to various insights, but I haven’t reached the goals that I have focused on. One reason that I have not reached my goals is probably a lack of focus, and that my fear of not succeeding given greater focus. Another probable reason is that I made ​​the exercises on my own, without having others to share ideas with. Here we are five hudred people, experts and personal guides, all working together for everyone´s benefit. Conditions are fantastic!

I am so greatful for all the feedback on my DMP. Thank you Luc! It really helps!

This weeks exercise from Haanel was not very hard for me to do. Of course I couldn’t stay without a thought in my head for fifteen minutes, but I think I managed pretty well to come back to focus to empty my head again, every time I found myself thinking of something. Another thing about Haanel and The Master Kay- I have found out that it´s probably an advantage for me to read it in English over reading it in Swedish. The cause is that I really must concentrate on what I´m reading in a way that I don´t think I would have done if I had read the text in Swedish. It feels good that I have come to this conclusion because it felt like a challenge last week to read Haanel in English only. Now I have really been enjoying the reading.

Now my focus must be in another area and that is to create structure in my life. Every day I am getting better and better of scheduling my time and that feels awesome.

Whish you all a wonderful weekend!


Week 1 – Starting new habits

The first challenge is to remember to do all the things that are included in the new habits. I have felt a bit confused about everything this week. Have I understood everything correctly? Have I forgot anything? …. and yes I did forget a couple of things that I should have done, but I guess I will improve myself and all the reading will become a habit.

Another challenge is to read everything in English because it is not my first language. Although I find it easy to understand most of what I read, so it takes longer for me to read an English text than a text in Swedish. I wonder if my brain will absorb the messages as well if they are given in English as in Swedish. I think I will read my DMP in both languages.

It took me some days to get my DMP ready and posted. Earlier this week I had a messy text where some parts were in English and some in Swedish, but now it’s finished and I have a copy in English that I’ve sent and a handwritten copy in Swedish. I will hand write a DMP in English too.

I have read Hanel before. Somewhere I have The Master Key in Swedish. Wish I knew where ….. I bought the electronic book many years ago and did the exercises. This week Hanels exercise have been the easiest part for me. Just sitting still and let the thoughts fly – I am really good at that!